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  This agreement is designed to provide a safe, clean, and healthy experience.  

1) Entrance:  Fitness Center Access is available 24/7. You can work out when it is convenient for you. Members must enter the fitness center by use of key fab entry. No member may let in another member who does not have his/her key. No member may bring a guest or any other person into the fitness center without prior permission of the staff of the Chenango Fitness. A single violation will result in immediate and irrevocable termination of membership.

2) Problems:  All members are required to notify staff if there is any problem with the equipment, facilities, inappropriate behavior, or any violation of the Fitness Center Agreement. Working out should be a pleasant experience.

3) Footwear:  During the months of inclement weather we ask that members not wear street shoes in the fitness center. This requires bringing a separate pair of workout shoes to the fitness center or keeping a pair on site in the lockers available for rent.

4) Courtesy: Use of profanity or inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. Monitor noise levels. Help us keep the Fitness Center clean. Follow circuit pattern and honor cardio equipment time limits. No grunting or dropping weights please. 

5) Equipment: All members have the option of being trained on the proper use of all equipment in the facility. If a member is not confident using a piece of equipment, do not use it. Inquire or ask other members for assistance. If additional training is needed please contact our staff by e-mail or phone arrangements will be made. Do not attempt to use equipment you are not familiar with, using the equipment properly and safely are important in preventing injury.  

6) Cleanliness: When using the equipment please wipe down surfaces on which they might have left sweat. Spray bottle and towels are available at the gym for your convenience. Members are asked to assist in keeping the facility clean. This is your Fitness Center. 

7) Energy Efficiency: All members are asked to turn off the television sets and lights if they are the last to leave the fitness center.

8) Cancellation Membership: Your membership will be cancelled the first of the following month if received by the 15th of the previous month, if received after the 15th of the month your membership will be cancelled after 30days. After 6 months of cancelling your membership you will be obligated to pay the enrollment fee to rejoin Chenango Fitness.

9) Guests: We love guests but remember you are responsible for your guests. Please call 703.350.1107 or email in advance before bringing a guest. Please download the following document or they are available at the facility in the folder above the towels. You guest must fill out the form completely and place in the payment box with the appropriate fee. $5.00/day OR $15.00/week ALL GUESTS MUST BE AT LEAST 18