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70 Chenango Bridge Road 
Binghamton, NY 13901
Chenango Fitness
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Chenango Fitness is family-owned and operated since our facility opened its doors in 2006. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You have access using a fingerprint system that opens the door 24/7. The gym is equipped with top of the line cardio equipment, circuit training equipment and free weights. There is the convenience of on site locker rooms with showers. Please feel free to stop by and tour the facility by calling and making an appointment. 

                       NEW MEMBERSHIPS:

            Please call or email to make an 
             appointment that is convenient 
                            for you.

               Gift Certificates Available


          Credit Cards only accepted at initial payment. Cash and Checks
                                      are accepted​ anytime.

          Silver and Fit & Silver Sneakers Members Welcome 

                         Monthy               3 months          6 months       12 months      Enrollment Fee
Adult                $42.00*                $115.00            $225.00            $400.00             $50.00

Couples             $75.00                 $200.00           $375.00            $700.00             $75.00/couple  
Senior 62+       $37.00                  $105.00            $200.00             $360.00            $40.00                                                                                                                                               
HS/College       $30.00                  $90.00             $180.00            $350.00            $40.00
  Must Show College ID​                                                                                           
Family            Call for pricing**                                                     

Day Pass         $5.00/ 15.00 week (cash or check only)
                  Enrollment Fees are a non-refundale registration fee.
                  Members will be required to pay an enrollment fee if your                 
                      membership is inactive for 6 months or if management has to cancel
                      your membership due to over due payments.
                  *Monthly cost after a minimum of a three month contract - 
             3 month minimum contract required at signup